So, here am I wondering two things, “can I fit a couch in an SUV?” Or should I blame myself for falling in love with a couch I happened to purchase on Valentine’s Day? Well, I’m literally sitting on the floor, looking at this gorgeous couch and thinking aloud, it must have been love that blinded me the very first moment I saw it.

You should be able to fit a loveseat into almost any mid-size or full size SUV without flexing a muscle. However, before attempting to fit a couch in an SUV, you should measure both your cargo space and couch length! In a smaller SUV, you’ll probably only be able to fit a small couch.

While that’s a quick answer to your question, there is more to know about fitting a couch in an SUV. Want to know? Then let’s jump right into details.

Can you move a couch by yourself?

Don’t want to call for a truck or you can’t call a friend for assistance? If you’re wondering whether you can move a couch by yourself, I have good news for you. Yes! You can move a couch by yourself.

How to move a couch? To move your couch, you can use a furniture sliders or a furniture lifter to get the job done. Place the furniture sliders beneath each of the couch’s legs. These will let you to move your couch without causing damage to your floor or furniture.

Furniture sliders and lifters don’t cost much, you can check out the price on Amazon. You could also use a furniture dolly. Lift one end of the couch and place a dolly underneath and then repeat the process for the other side.

How big is your Sofa?

Sofa sizes might vary depending on the type and style of the sofa. The conventional sofa measurements and their placement on the sofa size spectrum are discussed below. To understand what each sofa measurement means, look at the diagram below.

Sofa Depth: Standard sofa depth (from the very front to the very back) is 35″, but most sofas are 32″ – 40″ in depth.

Sofa Height: The sofa height, or distance measured from the floor to the very top of the back, varies from 26″ to 36″. Low-back sofas are sleek and modern, but high-back sofas are more traditional.

Seat Depth: Sofa seat depth, or the distance between the front edge of the seat and the back edge of the seat (or the front of the sofa back) can range from 20″ to 25″.

Seat Height: The distance from the floor to the top of a sofa’s seat cushion varies from 15″ to 20″, with most sofa seats being between 17″ and 18″ above the ground.

Sofa dimensions overview

Numbers Seating Width
2-person sofa 50 inch does not include width of the arms)
3-person sofa 78 inch (not including arms)
4-person sofa 90 inch (not including arms)
5-person sofa 108 inch (not including arms)

When it comes to a couch like the loveseats, there are four different sizes available. A small loveseat measures 52 inches long, a medium loveseat 58 inches long, a full-size loveseat 64 inches long, and a loveseat sofa 71 inches long.

A loveseat’s usual height is between 21 and 28 inches, although there are some exceptions, practically all SUVs and Minivans have enough ceiling height to accommodate a loveseat.

Will A Loveseat Fit In An SUV?

While it is important you know the size of your loveseat, it is also important you consider the size and the amount of cargo space your SUV has, in order to see if it will fit.

So how much space do you need in an SUV to fit a couch? Is it possible to fit your couch in an SUV without putting every row of seats down? Perhaps you’re curious about the cost of having your furniture delivered to your home. Continue reading to find answers to these and other SUV-related questions you might have.

SUV Sizes: How big is your SUV?

SUVs come in different types; compact, mid-size, and full-size SUVs. Among other features, passenger space and cargo space are one of the obvious different between the types of SUV made by different auto manufacturer.

Compact SUV

With the seats down in a compact SUV, you can probably put a smaller loveseat in the back. Unfortunately, if you have a loveseat that is larger than a modest 52-inch loveseat, it will most likely not fit in a compact SUV.

If your vehicle is turns out to be too small to transport your loveseat with the trunk closed, you can consider closing your trunk with rope or bungee cables. There are numerous tutorials available on the internet to assist you with this.

Mid-Size SUV

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Although you should remember that the amount of room in the back of your car will vary depending on the brand and model, you might be able to fit a smaller loveseat behind the second row of seats in a mid-size SUV.

Take for instance the Chevy Traverse which has 51 inches of space behind the second row and 81 inches behind the first row. With the second and third rows folded down, you’ll absolutely be able to fit it in.

Full-Size SUV

2020 Nissan Armada

One of the selling point of full-size SUVs is their large cargo space, a major reason why they’re so popular among families. If a mid-size SUV is able to fit a loveseat in the back, you’d expect a Full Size SUV to do the job even better.

How Much Does A 2 Seater Couch Weigh?

The weight of the materials used in making a couch is usually a major influence in the couch’s weigh. A two-seater couch’s weight can vary. However, on average, a 55-inch compact love seat will weigh between 70 and 90 lbs. A 58-inch medium loveseat will weigh 70-100 lbs, while a 64-inch full-size loveseat will weigh 80-100 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can a couch fit in a Ford explorer
  • Can you fit a couch in a Ford escape
  • Can a couch fit in a Suburban
  • Can you fit a couch in a Chevy Traverse?

How Much Does Furniture Delivery Cost?

Shipping furniture tend to vary depending on a couple of factors. Locally, expect to pay $75 to $250, while the typical cost of shipping furniture across state lines or across the country is $300 to $600. Larger pieces of furniture, white glove services, and other considerations, of course, can raise the price.

Free Shipping

The cost of delivery varies based on where you buy your furniture. When Amazon Prime dominated online shopping by offering free two-day shipping, several companies jumped on board.

The free shipping many stores offer usually includes delivery to your home but not inside your home. Companies will often charge an additional fee for a delivery service that also includes set up. This is sometimes called white glove delivery.

Flat Rate

Other stores will offer delivery for a flat rate. For example, Big Lots offers a flat rate delivery fee of Other stores will charge a flat fee for delivery. Big Lots, for example, charges a $149 flat delivery price and provides threshold delivery (where your item will be delivered to a location such as the garage or the first room of your home), room of choice delivery, and white-glove delivery (this includes unboxing of your item).

Free Pickup

If delivery appears to be excessively expensive and you live within driving distance, some retailers will let you pick up the goods for free. If you own a minivan, truck, or SUV, this can save you hundreds of dollars.

Final Words

If you have a minivan, mid-size SUV, or full-size SUV, your loveseat will most likely fit in the rear with some or all of the seats folded down. With all of the back seats folded down, a small SUV may only be able to fit a small couch in the back.


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