Seeing a Nissan Rogue parked in an American home is very common.

That’s not because the Nissan Rogue sitting capacity stands out among other cars made by the Japanese Automobile. But it is said to impress with its blend of practicality, quality, and value.

If you probably never knew, the Nissan Rogue is a compact crossover SUV produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan and over the years, it has become Nissan’s best-selling car earning its place as one of the most popular cars on the marketplace.

In 2007, the Rogue was featured on the television series Heroes, and in 2014, Nissan became the exclusive automotive partner for the launch of Apple’s iTunes Radio, with the campaign theme “Make the Ordinary Extraordinary”.

Speaking of extraordinary, the 2017 model of the Nissan Rogue was the first-ever Star Wars-branded full-size production vehicle.

A special edition model known as the “2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition” inspired by the 2016 film Rogue One was released for the 2017 model year.


The Nissan Rogue has no doubt won the hearts of many American families. It offers good passenger comfort, an attractive list of standard features, and better fuel economy for the most recent models but does it have three rows of seating?

Do all Nissan Rogues have 3rd-row seating

The previous version of the Rogue used to offer a third row but not anymore. With the 2018 Rogue, Nissan decided to do away with the third row sitting on it’s Rogue. and focus more on maximizing cargo space and passenger space for five

What year Nissan Rogue has 3rd row?

The third-row seating was an available option on particular trim levels, such as the S or SV for the following years

  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017

The SL trim and Hybrid versions did not use the 3rd row.

Nissan Rogue Seating Capacity

Nissan manufactured Rogues with an option for third-row seats in several design years but decided to drop it in 2018. As such, the 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and succeeding Rogues will hold up five passengers.

Was this a tradeoff for something better?

We can only conclude if we know the benefits and drawback that comes with it

Pros & Cons of the Nissan Rogue 3rd Row Seats

Although the Nissan Rogue fashions itself as a subcompact SUV, the Rogue was one of the only crossovers to use the 3rd row of seating.

Have you ever wondered just how they managed to fit that 3rd row in when most others did not? Calling the Nissan Rogue a little lorry in the class of SUVs wouldn’t be a miss.

Nissan Rogue 3rd Row Seating Pros:

  • With the Household Bundle, seating increases from five passengers to seven.
  • Getting the Household Bundle was about $1,000, which is a great deal less than a bigger SUV with 7 or more seats.
  • Gas efficiency as a small seven-seater is a lot more than a larger SUV with a third row.
  • The third-row seat might recline, including in rider comfort.
  • The seats have a 50/50 split and also can fold up flat, developing seating and also storage versatility.

Nissan Rogue 3rd Row Seating Cons:

  • The 3rd row is a limited fit with legroom as well as headroom
  • Adding the third row requires pushing the second row forward, doing this will lowers legroom for travelers in the second row
  • A spare tire isn’t available, and the tires are run-flat. There are way more expensive to change.
  • At the very least half of the freight, space is lost when the 3rd row remains in usage.
  • With only little space to put your stuff, a group of six or seven adults may not have the best road trip

Losing the third row in the Rogue doesn’t make it a bad option for you. While we hate to see the 3rd row seat get shed, it makes much sense that Nissan is trading it off for something better.

The automobile manufacturer still offers 3rd row seats for some other vehicle; an option that is affordable.

Do you need 3rd Row Seats?

If having that extra seat means a lot to you, then definitely,  you’ll have to go up to your budget. Considering the recent designs of SUVs, you’ll end up paying more for any big SUV with a third-row seat.

If you are in search of an SUV, keep in mind that you won’t find a 3rd row in newer Rogues. Nissan has other fine options with a lot of space as well as convenience.

What other Nissan has 3rd Row Seating?


If you’re not a fan of the new five passengers sitting in the Rogue, Nissan still has other options that are great for big families or anyone who want to transport lots of stuff.

Let’s take a look at them

Nissan Pathfinder

Initially introduced in the year 1985, the first generation Pathfinder was a two-door body-on-frame SUV.

Before third row seating came to the Pathfinder line for the first time, the Japanese manufacturer had adopted the unibody styling in place of the body-on-frame construction for some generations.2022-nissan-pathfinder-two-tone-color-scheme


Today, the Nissan Pathfinder model remains a unibody crossover. It is enjoyable to drive, offers generous seating space and cargo room, and comes loaded with the latest tech and safety features.

The fifth-generation (lastest) Pathfinder comes standard as an 8-seater, with second-row bucket seats, a first for the Pathfinder, are now on offer.

The S and SV trim levels get cloth seat trim as standard, with leather-appointed seating standard on the SL trim level; the Platinum trim level gets quilted, semi-aniline leather-appointed seating.

All the seats in the second, as well as 3rd rows, fold up flat. This creates virtually 80 cubic feet of freight area. And also, there is additional, hidden-away storage under the flooring that can be accessed also while the 3rd row remains in usage.

The Nissan Pathfinder is rugged on the outside, upscale on the inside


Nissan Armada

Also known as Nissan Patrol, the Armada is a full-size SUV and the largest in Nissan’s fleet.



Whether it’s a family day out or moving large items, you’ve got space to bring what you need in this full-size, 8 passenger SUV. Grownups will fit easily in any type of seat, consisting of the 3rd row. The 2nd row is offered with captain’s chairs, which minimizes seating to 7.

The third-row seats are power seats. The split-folding seats will exist flat with the basic press of a switch. All the Armada’s seats can fold up flat. With seats folded up, there are 95.4 cubic feet of freight.

Check out the official Nissan Armada website to know more


Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Nissan Murano Have The 3rd Row?

Although more extravagant, the Murano is Nissan’s midsize SUV similar to the Rogue however it does not have the third row. Its roomy cabin seats can hold up to five guests comfortably in its 2 rows.

If you are searching for a vehicle that has a 3rd-row seat or seats just for five guests Nissan has other choices you definitely want to check out.

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