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So, everyone is talking about SUVs and yet it seems like you’re the only one who doesn’t know much about this awesome car. Well, if you just asked the question What does SUV stand for or What does SUV mean, then worry no more.

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What is an SUV and what does SUV stand for?

The word SUV is simply an abbreviation for Sport Utility Vehicles. If this is your first-time hearing about SUV, then most likely it won’t sound like a big deal but trust me, this car is going to sweep you off your feet.

The Sport Utility Vehicle is a special category of vehicle with a nice buildup combining the characteristics and capabilities of a pickup truck, family sedan, wagon, and minivan – it’s not wrong to say SUVs offer the finest for a different flair.

An SUV is a special car with a nice body shape built with not only big wheel and increased clearance height but also a sporty styling.

There’s plenty of useful space inside and most especially the high driving position gives awesome visibility. Their rugged appearance inspires fun and adventure. 

SUVs have become popular and are usually the favorite choice for going almost anywhere, enjoying life. This type of car can do well in all types of road conditions, uneven ground surfaces, and also on tracks. SUV cars are the best choice for transporting heavy loads and passengers. 

Still standing on your feet? Not to worry, you’ll soon get swept off.

Let’s take a quick look into the history

Arguably, SUVs can be traced to the first Chevrolet Suburban of the 1930s but it was until the introduction of the Jeep Cherokee and Ford Explorer in the 1980s and 1990s that the concept of SUV got embraced.

These models of SUVs were smaller and more civilized. It represents a significant evolution of car utilization and styling well suited to outdoor leisure pursuits in addition to the usual everyday activity. Sport Utility Vehicles are pretty much a go-anywhere capacity car that inspires driving confidence.

What’s the difference between an SUV and a Car?

Cars and SUV are road vehicles but here’s what makes the difference. 

Although modern compact SUVs, Crossovers are built on unibody designs similar to cars, traditional Sport Utility Vehicles are constructed with a body-on-frame design and packs all the advantages of a traditional car.

Car vs SUV pros and cons

If you plan on getting a new vehicle and you’re wondering if you should get an SUV or a car, then these 3 distinctions should help you make a better choice.

Tires and Brakes

SUVs are heavier and this added weight put some strain on the tire longevity. On average usage, most SUV tires can go up to 30,000 miles while you can expect a lifespan of roughly 50,000 miles for most Sedans. So, when compared, SUV tires will wear out at a much faster rate than they would in a car. 


SUVs require more gasoline than smaller cars for basic driving functions and travel hence more emissions get released into the atmosphere. 

Gas Mileage

On average, the most fuel-efficient sedans get anywhere from 30 – 40 MPG while SUVs average around 20 to 25 MPG. Due to the heavy nature of SUVs, the most fuel-efficient types only get significantly fewer miles per gallon compare to a Sedan.

This means that you’d make frequent stops at the gas stations as the loss of fuel performance is directly proportional to the increase in fuel cost. 

What’s the difference between an SUV and a 4×4?

4×4 vehicles are ideally designed for off-road experience and performance. These vehicles don’t have the efficiency of a true SUV. Although SUVs and Crossover cars today have AWD – All Wheel Drive, a majority of them are two-wheel drive. 

Take it from me; the experience you get when seated in an SUV is unlike any.

Before now, 

  • Car buyers who want length space were compelled to buy an excellent Estate car
  • Carrying people was done quite alright by a people carrier but somehow, they weren’t just exciting.
  • Hatchbacks were very much around town but when it comes to transporting gear or people, they happen to fill up fast.

So, what car designers did was simply take all the advantages of these other categories of car, rolled them into one, and created a new type of vehicle.

Today, there are more than enough options available for buyers. From subcompact to full-size and power choices including diesel, hybrid, gasoline, and electric. 

While some models of SUV are made with stylish appearance and responsive handling to emphasize the “sport” and “utility” parts of driver’s equation, some make perfect sense just for towing or transporting big loads.

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