Michelin is renowned for producing some of the smoothest, quietest, and best all-season and touring tires on the market. Although they’re arguably considered the best tire brand, their tires are quite pricy and it leaves people wondering why. Why are Michelin tires so expensive?

Michelin tires are much more expensive than other famous manufacturers due to their superior quality, warranty options, and customer satisfaction guarantee. Michelin is a well-known tire brand in the industry, and its tires are known for their innovation, high-quality standards, rigorous testing, and long treadwear warranties.

Are Michelin tires worth it?

Michelin, which was founded in 1889 in France, is one of the world’s most popular tire brands and is often credited for inventing the first radial tire. The company has been around for a long time. They invest heavily in research and development and have their own testing facility with a track for everything.

Tire experts say that Michelin tires offer superior construction and a lower defect rate than the competition. Michelin tires are available directly from the manufacturer or from tire stores such as Discount Tire, Tire Rack, and Walmart.

Why are Michelin tires so good?

Michelin manufactures high-end tires with exceptional performance and wears characteristics for their target market. Their tires have been thoroughly tested on their test tracks and then on the road.

While Michelin tires are noted for their exceptional quality, they are not appropriate for every vehicle or location and there are other premium tire manufactures as well; including Bridgestone, Continental, and Pirelli. According to a Discount Tire salesperson, if you reside in an area with gravel roads, your Michelin tires’ life lifetime may be lower than if you just drive on concrete roads.

Why Are Michelin Tires so Expensive

Many Michelin tires models have low rolling resistance, long tread life and can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, depending on a variety of conditions. Tire lines are primarily focused on ultra-high-performance tires, as well as tires for pickup trucks and SUVs.

1. Tire Quality

Michelin tires are more expensive than other manufacturers because they are of superior quality. Michelin goes above and beyond to build a quality product. According to a representative from Tire Rack, Michelin tires have the lowest defect rate when compared to other brands.

2. Consumer and Industry Rankings

Michelin tires consistently receive top ratings in consumer and industry surveys and rankings. According to Consumer Reports’ tire buyer’s guide, Michelin tires perform well in all-weather tests and offer a long tread life. Michelin also holds the fifth spot in the top ten all-season tire rankings from Car Bibles.

3. Longevity

The longevity of Michelin tires will vary depending on the style of the tire; some models, like the Michelin tire durability, varies depending on the tire kind; some models, such as the all-terrain LTX A/T 2 (which has an estimated lifespan of 85,000 miles), will often last longer than the brand’s lighter-duty tires.

4. Warranties

Michelin tires come with a six-year standard warranty and a mileage warranty on select models. Michelin is one of the few tire manufacturers that offers a tread-life warranty on its winter tires, according to Edmunds. The following are the most typical Michelin warranty options:

Limited Warranty

This warranty, which is standard on all Michelin tires, covers tire vibration, sidewall cracking, tire noise, and faults in materials or workmanship for six years or the tread life (whichever occurs first). If you have one of the issues/concerns stated above, you may be eligible for a credit toward a new tire.

Mileage Warranty

This warranty covers tire tread wear and is available for select Michelin tires; if your tread wears out before a stipulated amount of miles, you can get a prorated credit toward a new tire.

5. Satisfaction Guarantee

Michelin offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all of its tires with the Michelin Promise Plan, as well as three years of flat tire changing assistance, jump start service, lockout, fluid delivery and, and free towing up to 150 miles.

Keep in mind that individual retailers and auto shops determine Michelin tire prices. This implies that you can browse around for the greatest deal. Michelin tires can be purchased straight from the company or from one of the following retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Belle Tire
  • Costco
  • Discount Tire Direct
  • National Tire and Battery (NTB)
  • Pep Boys
  • Sears Auto Center
  • Tire Discounters
  • Tire Kingdom
  • Tire Rack
  • Walmart

Are Michelin defender tires worth the money?

Michelin tires are known for their durability. One of their tires, the Michelin Defender LTX, was rated as the third most durable tire by Autoguide, an automobile website.

The Defender comes with a 90,000-mile tread guarantee from Michelin. It features a variety of positive attributes, including very quiet ride quality and excellent dry and wet traction. Overall, Michelin’s Defender all-season tire is excellent, however, there is still room for development.

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