Some years ago, getting a comfortable ride was a serious problem. Today, It’s very easy and fast. Thanks to services like Uber.

What’s your destination? Simply tell it to the app. Pick a ride option and either a sedan or Uber SUV will come to pick you up in a jiffy.

When going solo, any choice of a ride would just do. But when you’re going out with a group, there comes the hassle.

… figuring out the perfect ride.

You would need to order a vehicle with enough room for all passengers to sit comfortably and you have to be certain you’re not paying for a larger vehicle and having not to need all that excess space.

When it comes to cars with room space and are good for getting around town, SUVs come to mind. You definitely want to read the Untold Legend of the first SUV

Fortunately, you can get a ride in an Uber SUV.

So, can Uber handle 5 passengers, does Uber have 6 passenger vehicles, and what is the Uber covid-19 passenger limit?

All these and many more, we’re going to find out.



How many passengers can Uber SUV carry?

Well, the number of passengers an Uber SUV can hold up depends on the type of ride you select. Uber offers multiple car types, primarily a sedan (UberX, UberBlack, etc.) and an SUV (UberSUV and UberXLs).

Each of the Uber ride options comes with a list of available cars. Let’s quickly look at the different types of rides.

Uber Ride Options

Although there have been some changes to the number of passengers in a ride. These are the ideal options available on Uber. Please read to the end to see the new passenger limit, rules, and changes.

1. The Standard Economy Rides – Uber X, Uber Pop

Cars Available: Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Ford Escape, Ford Escort

Maximum Number of passengers: 4


2. The XL Rides – UberXL

Cars available: Toyota Highlander, Chevrolet Traverse, Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango

Maximum number of Passengers: 6


3. The Shared Rides – Uber Pool

Cars available: Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Ford Escape, Ford Escort

Maximum number of Passengers: 4


4. The Luxury Rides – Uber Black, Uber Lux, Uber Select

Cars available: Lincoln Towncar, Chevy Tahoe, Mercedes 500 series or larger, BMW 5-7 Series, Range Rover

Maximum passenger capacity: 4


5. The SUV Luxury Rides – Uber SUV

Cars available: Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Sequoia, Lincoln Navigator, GMC Yukon

Maximum passenger capacity: 6


Ideally, the sedan service can hold up to 4 passengers, not counting the drivers, and the SUV service can hold up to 6 passengers.

With fairly large cars like the Tahoe and Suburban, the UberSUV option can carry an extra person as it can handle 7 passengers. But that’s just as big as they go in terms of Uber rides. The operation of commercial vans in their fleet isn’t allowed by Uber.

Due to the pandemic, Uber has announced a change in its services.

Uber New Rules and Changes

Uber covid-19 passenger limit,

UberX will now only be able to seat up to 3 passengers. An UberXL can now only seat up to 5.

Additionally, nobody will be allowed to sit up front next to the driver.

Uber has offered guidance on what to do if a passenger tries to use the front seat:

If a rider tries to get in the front seat, or the number of passengers exceeds the new limit of your vehicle, politely explain the new back seat policy and advise the riders to either re-book an Uber XL or to request an additional vehicle for the extra passengers. We have informed riders of this change via email and in the Uber app, so they should know about the policy.

You can keep your front doors locked to help enforce this rule, and you are entitled to cancel the trip if the rider doesn’t wish to comply. This will result in a cancellation fee for the rider if applicable. These cancellations will not impact your Uber Pro status.

Things are bound to stay this way for now until further notice.

So, Yes! Uber allows more than 3 passengers.

But if you must pick a perfect ride for your group, knowing the different types of SUVs will make your things easy.

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