Whether it’s located at the front or back, storage space is standard in vehicles today. You’d hate to imagine your dream car without that little extra space to put your stuff when going on a road trip or outing.

Some vehicles are designed to carry just a few cargoes, others are made to hold up a tone.

If Forbes decides to put up a list of top vehicles with large storage space, then definitely SUVs will make the count.

While we may have once asked the questions what is an SUV? Only a few people know the untold legend of Sport Utility Vehicles. There are actually different types of SUVs; small, compact, large-size, and even luxurious and expensive once.

Each of them is designed with a different individual’s style and purpose in mind but for the most part, they have one outstanding advantage over a regular car – a good storage space.

Sport Utility Vehicles are the fastest growing car segment and we’re the best SUV advisory platform.

In the article, we’ll clear the air on some misconceptions about the back of an SUV.

What’s a Car back door?

A car back door or rear door (as some people call it) is a type of hinged door opening at the rear of a vehicle that allows loading and offloading from the back storage or cargo space.

What is the back storage of a car called?


The back door and the storage space of a vehicle form what’s called the Trunk or Boot. As with a usual door, it can be locked to secure luggage.

Truck and Boot: What’s the difference?

Trunk and boot are different words that mean the same thing. Both refer to an enclosed space at the back of a car for carrying luggage and other goods. What differentiates them is their usage. Americans call it trunk while It is called the Boot in Britain.

The car trunk is typically located in the rear of the car in most models. Although it can be located at the front in which case it is called a Frunk.

Do Trunks have to be in back?

A trunk or boot is simply “the luggage compartment of an automobile.” There is no theory that confines trunks to the rear of the car. It can be anywhere. Tesla has the trunk in front of some of its car models.

tesla front trunk

“Frunks” are not new; the idea of having a cargo space at the front is not new, however.

Anyone who was around during the heyday of the old-style Volkswagen Beetle knows that it was designed with the engine in the back and the front compartment used for storage.


Volkswagen Beetle

Today, trunks are fashioned at the back of vehicles, and it is a reason why a great deal of load space is found in SUVs, minivans, and station wagons.

With the seats folded down, SUVs, minivans, and hatchbacks will swallow more. Our comparison on SUV vs Minivan answers some intriguing questions asked by buyers, you may want to check it out.

Similarly, it is asked, does an SUV have a trunk? Let’s find out what the back of an SUV is called.

Types of Cargo opening

The door or opening of a cargo area may be hinged at the top, side, or bottom.



In the United States, the door hinged at the bottom is called a tailgate. They are used on station wagons and pickup trucks, as well as on some sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Traditional drop-down station wagons and pickup tailgates can also serve as a mount for a workbench.


Two-way station wagon tailgates may be hinged at the side and the bottom so they can be opened sideways like a regular door, or drop downwards as load platform extenders. They are designed with special handle(s) for opening in the selected direction on special hinges after the window is lowered.

A three-way design that was also used by Ford allows for the tailgate to be opened like a door with the window up.


A hatch is a raise-open door in the back instead of a trunk. This type of rear door is standard in hatchbacks (another type of small family vehicle – a hatchback is smaller than an SUV or minivan, but larger than a sedan.).

Today, the raise-open door has been adopted for many SUVs in the market so it is simple to open and pass cargo through

If the door is hinged at the top it is termed a hatch

What is the backdoor of an SUV called?

A much-fancied backdoor for SUVs today is the hatch because it’s hinged at the top, however, it isn’t the only type of rear door opening on SUVs. In order to give enough cargo space, manufacturers have chosen different designs for the main cargo space in their SUV model.


American English calls the hinged board or door at the rear of a vehicle a trunk, while British English calls it boot.

Whether you prefer calling it a hatch or tailgate because it can be moved up or down, or sideways, it doesn’t really matter so long as it’s used in the right context and whoever is listening understands you.

SUV cars are the best choice for transporting heavy loads and passengers that is why these badass Police SUVs are trending. Now, whenever you pull that rear door open. You know what is called!

What have you been calling the back of an SUV? Let us know in the comments.

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