We all want our vehicle tires to last us forever, but unfortunately, tires aren’t made to last a lifetime; they wear out and as such, need to be replaced. In case you didn’t notice, tires are expensive, most especially SUV tires (you’ll soon realize as your tires begin to wear. Btw, have you checked lately?). So, why are SUV tires so expensive? Since everyone is asking, we did our research and found out the reasons behind the high price tag of SUV tires.

SUV tires are so expensive due to their versatility, safety factors, increasing demand, large size, longer lifespan, and the fact that they don’t produce much noise in high-speed conditions. With a load capacity of 2,600 pounds, you should pay an average of $200 to $400 for a good quality SUV tire. Other unique qualities such as brand policies, and warranty make these tires costly.

While SUVs have been around for a long time, the tires on your family SUV today are the result of years of research and development. And ever since Sport Utility Vehicles became popular in American homes, the demand for SUV tires has been on the rise, which is often more expensive than a regular small wheel-tire found on sedans.

Why Are SUV Tires More Expensive?

Tires are costly! It’s why car dealerships promote tires on new and used vehicles, and why they inquire about the quality of your tires when you trade in your old vehicle. A basic set of tires will cost you between $200 and $400, while a performance set will cost you between $800 and $1200! What is the reason behind the high cost of tires

In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons why SUV tires are expensive as well as the benefits of investing in a decent set versus going cheap.

1. Variety of Size

SUV tires come in different sizes and are generally larger than that of a regular car, this gives a good clearance above the ground. 235/60 R18 tires are the most popular 4×4/SUV tire size, accounting for 7% of the segment. People can identify them apart from regular wheels because of the large size differences. While the high wheelbase is a desirable feature, it adds a few extra dollars to the price.

2. The Longer Life Span of SUV Tires

Like the standard wheels, that of an SUV also have a specific lifespan. However, due to built-in features, they have a longer lifespan than the other options. Thanks to its rigid material and design, you get a longer period of safe driving.

Usually, when their lifespan is completed, they begin to display indications. As a result, one of the best choices for resolving this issue is to replace tires with a similar and compatible one

3. Increase Demand for SUVs

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for these vehicles, which has pushed up the price. They are used as utility and transportation vehicles, and they all add to the overall budget.

These things are being offered in bulk by the manufacturing companies, but the prices have gone up. However, because of the cars’ versatile use and benefits, they have high rates and are worth the money.

4. High-Performance Tires

These wheels are more high-performance than conventional wheels. They can, however, survive rough roads, and you can take the SUV to hilly locations. They have no negative impact on road stones or other waste items. They provide high-speed conditions even on uneven roads, and the suspension portion remains undamaged. These features raise the tire’s price above the regular price.

5. Safety Factors

SUVs have high clearance and thanks to their tires, drivers and passengers are elevated above the ground. With these effective wheels, they get a better view of the road and obstacles on it. Hence, there are fewer risks of accidents, and the normal cost is increased.

6. Coordination with Brake System

They work better with both automated and manual braking systems. They come to a halt with a single push on the brakes, and the vehicle comes to a complete stop. On uneven roads, you can stop the vehicle at any time. As a result, there is no drop in performance as a result of such circumstances. All tires are in direct contact with the brake.

7. Better Control of The SUV

These tires are expensive because they provide exceptional SUV control. There’s no way to lose control of both the steering wheel and the tires at the same time. These tires function together with the sensors to provide automatic steering wheel control. They send out notifications about harmful conditions, and you can use them to protect your vehicle from catastrophic damage.

8. Material of SUV tires

SUV tires are exceptional in rough terrain! They’re rigid and are made with expensive materials that can resist unfavorable environmental conditions. In order to boost durability, performance, and fuel efficiency, steel, nylon, and other tough materials have been woven into the base of the tread and the sidewalls of tires since the late 1940s

Furthermore, due to efficient materials in the manufacturing process, they have a high price range. People spend on them because they lower the expense of maintenance and repair.

9. Low Road Sounds with High Speed

On both smooth and bad roads, the high speed of big cars causes noise. The SUV tires, on the other hand, are distinct from these goods in that they never make such noises on the road. They never make unnecessary noises for the driver or other vehicles. Because conventional tires have these technological limitations, the quality of the tires makes them pricey.

10. Comfortable Rides

That extra legroom and headroom you get when seated in an SUV can’t be traded. If you’re going on a long trip, be rest assured that you’ll get a smooth, comfortable, and memorable ride in a Sport Utility Vehicle. There are no such things as bumpy effects or turbulence with SUV tires, that’s another reason why they’re expensive.

11. Manufacturing Brand and Policies

The well-known and premium tire brands provide wonderful products, but at a high price. People demand branded wheels for their pricey vehicles, so they cash in on both the name and the quality. In such cases, the pricing of the wheels varies from one manufacturer to the next. The SUV wheels come with a variety of packages and insurance, all of which add to the cost.

What Is the Average Life of SUV Tires?

The Average life of your SUV tires totally depends on how you use them. A typical set of tires should last roughly 4 to 6 years or 55,000 to 75,000 miles. However, vital factors like environmental conditions, roads, and other heat factors can influence the longevity of your tires.

Due to heavy use and other faults, few individuals opt to replace them before the estimated time. In the event of a replacement, they provide the best possible results.

Do More Expensive Tires Make a Difference?

While looking for new tires, it’s usually tempting to save money by choosing a less expensive alternative. What is the difference between cheap and expensive tires, after all? Are you just paying for the brand name and will any piece of rubber do just fine?

The high-performance tires manufactured by premium tire makers are the result of a great deal of advanced engineering. Everything from tread design to rubber compounds is the result of extensive research. And so you should expect an expensive premium tire from a well-known brand to perform far better in a wider range of road conditions than a low-cost budget tire from a lesser-known brand.

How Much Should I Pay for SUV Tires?

Tire prices have greatly increased, and the more specialized the vehicle, the more expensive the tires are. The cost of a standard all-season tire ranges from $50 to $200, with an average price of $80 to $150. The cost of replacing four tires ranges between $525 to $725 (with an average cost of $637).

You should expect to pay anything between $80 and $350 for an SUV tire, with an average cost of around $120 to $250. Customizing options such as customized rim clips and other features drive up the price.

It’s worth mentioning that tire size has a significant impact on price. For example, if you have a 15-inch tire, you can likely obtain a good tire for $125 each. If you have a 20-inch tire, it will almost certainly cost double or more for a high-quality tire.

Now that you know why SUV tires are so expensive. Let’s warp it up

Final Words

While SUV tire prices differ based on size, quality, and manufacturer, it’s always best to go for premium quality tires over cheap ones.

Premium quality tires used on a well-maintained car that is constantly driven on a smooth road for long distances can last a hundred thousand miles, whereas a cheap tire used on a rough road, particularly gravel road, will barely last 10,000 miles.


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