It’s critical to choose the right car for your road test if you want to pass it. However, searching for the right car can keep you up all night looking for answers on Google. Can SUV be used for road test, and is it advisable to use SUVs for road tests? You’re definitely not the only one asking these questions, follow through to get some answers.

SUVs are great vehicles to have and can be used for road tests! There are no laws prohibiting it from being used in road tests, however, due to its size and difficulty for learners to maneuver, it’s not always recommended for a test especially if you’ve never practiced with it before. It’s worth mentioning that vehicles to be used in a road test are required to have a hand brake in the center console – unfortunately, most SUVs don’t have it.

SUVs have no doubt come a long way into becoming the fastest-growing car segment, from mini SUVs to compact and even extended SUVs; there are different types of SUVs today, The first SUV reminds us of how far this wonderful car segment has evolved over the years into what it is today,

American families don’t just love SUVs because they’re taller than Sedan; SUVs have greater interior space, large cargo capabilities, and dynamic driving experience.

Can SUV Be Used for Road Test?

SUVs are comfortable to ride in and require a different way of handling, if you’re not comfortable maneuvering an SUV, It’s advisable to take the test in the vehicle you’ve been practicing with.

You definitely need to hear to story

Back in driver’s education, there was this girl who almost crashed the driver’s ed car into a wall because she was unfamiliar with the vehicle; she had previously only driven her father’s van, which drove very differently.

Here’s Why you should not take your road test in an SUV.

1. Access to Emergency Brake

The car that will be used for road tests must have either a lever-style emergency brake or an emergency brake that is normally located near the gear selector in the car console. Sadly, at this moment, cars with floor-mounted brakes are limited.

2. Access to foot brake

Reaching the foot brake and gas will be difficult if you are not tall in height. If you are driving an SUV, you will be unable to pull the seat forward due to the required gap between your chest and the steering wheel.

3. Parking Difficulty

The SUV is fairly large and will be challenging to drive for a novice. Smaller cars are preferable, mostly because they are quicker to park, and some states require parallel parking to be achieved in under two minutes. Some people find it difficult to park a larger vehicle, especially if the road test examiner chooses a narrow parking area for you.

4. Problem fitting narrow roads

One cool thing about smaller vehicles is they can fit narrow roads. Since your driving skills will be tested, your road test will take place in an open and public environment, such as an intersection, a larger vehicle, particularly an SUV, will need to be more careful with lane position because you’re not permitted to take another person’s lane.

We’ve put up a sort poll below, tell us what type of vehicle you find most comfortable when behind the wheels

Can I Use an SUV for my Road Test? What kind of vehicle do you need to pass your drive test?

While some people find that moving in a sedan or coupe is much easier, everyone is of a different opinion. Whatever choice you make is totally cool, the bottom line is that you take your test in a ride you feel most comfortable in. If you’ve been practicing in an SUV, you should probably stick with it because you’re comfortable with it.

Having this at the back of your mind

  • The vehicle that will be used for the road test must be mechanically sound and pass an inspection.
  • The instructor must have access to the brake pedal or a hand brake, hence, a vehicle with a hand brake in the center console is required.
  • If you don’t have a vehicle that meets these requirements, then you’ll need to borrow one or hire a driver who has the right vehicle to take you to the road test. Regular rental agency automobiles may have restrictions and do not allow minors to drive their cars,

How to Ace a Road Test

The primary goal of a behind-the-wheel examination is to ascertain whether or not a person understands the rules of the road and can safely operate a vehicle. Demonstrating this necessitates the use of essential driving skills.

According to test examiners, many students fail the first time for common reasons like speeding or going too slow, wide turns, not obeying traffic signs or signals, and even nervousness. Be sure you check out how to pass your driving test the first time – plus some awesome driving test tips.

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Final Words

As to the question “Can SUVs be used for road tests?: I trust you’ve cleared your doubt and are now ready to ace that test? Awesome!

As always, don’t stray from your comfort zone. Take a car that you are familiar with and have a lot of experience driving. It’s not a good idea to try something new during a test. You might not be able to quickly locate the windshield washer or hazard light button. It’s possible that you don’t know how much pressure to put on the brake pedal. At a stoplight, you might not know how to gauge how much space to leave in front of you.

Getting your driver’s license is indeed a thrilling and life-changing experience, however, it also carries a significant amount of responsibility.

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