Toyota Motors is one of the world’s largest automakers, offering a wide range of vehicle models including cars, trucks, vans, minivans, and SUVs. Thanks to its outstanding track record of dependability, efficiency, and affordability, this Japanese brand has been the go-to vehicle manufacturer for both new and experienced car buyers for many years.

If you’re out shopping for an SUV with 3rd row seating, the Toyota RAV4 may come to mind as it has indeed been one of the finest options in Toyota’s lineup. For some part of the vehicle’s history, the Toyota RAV4 3rd Row seats made it possible to fit 7 people. However, today the RAV4 Hybrid Woodland Edition and newer models face a different faith and this leaves buyers wondering. Are Toyota RAV4 3rd row seats still available?

There are 3rd row seating options available in some models of RAV4 (models between 2005 and 2012). However, RAV4 3rd row seats have been taken off in newer models as Toyota chooses to embrace a compact design and leave the 3rd row for other SUVs in its lineup.

Speaking of the faith of Toyota RAV4 with 3rd row seating, in this article, we’ll find out everything about 3rd row seating in the RAV4.

Does RAV4 have 3rd row seating?

In case you’re still wondering, can RAV4 have 3rd row seating?

According to Toyota, the third row seating option has been taken off the RAV4 in newer models and will only be offered on other of its SUVs that have higher capacity.

How Many Seats Does A RAV4 Have?

For a very long time, the Toyota RAV4 was designed with third-row seating to fit 7 people. However, with the 2012 model and its successors, the RAV4 now has two rows of seats that can fit up to five people, including the driver.

It is worth mentioning that seating also depends on your size and how much gear you need to pack. Sometimes, you may not be able to fit five adults comfortably.

Which RAV4 Models Have 3rd Row Seating?

The fact that the RAV4 is among the few SUVs in their class to offer additional seats makes many people wonder which year RAV4 is the best.

While there are a lot of factors ruling this debate, it should be established that only third-generation RAV4 SUVs offered third row seats, making them a great choice for anyone in need of a little extra space.

Model YearGenerationSeating Option
1994First Generation (XA10)2nd row
2000Second Generation (XA20)2nd row
2005Third Generation (XA30)2nd and 3rd row
2012Fourth Generation (XA40)2nd row
2018Fifth Generation (XA50)2nd row

Does the RAV4 come in a 7-seater?

Third-row seating which was an option in the third generation (between 2005 and 2012) of the vehicle, offered increased passenger seating, but it was unlike larger Toyota SUVs for a lot of reasons.

The RAV4 3rd row seats were designed to hold up 7 people – there are 3 seats in the 2nd row and only 2 seats in the 3rd row. So, trying to fit 8 passengers or transporting full-grown adults in the RAV4 may be an uncomfortable experience as there won’t be enough head or leg room.

Is It Worth It To Get A RAV4 With A Third Row?

Arguably, the RAV4 is one of the best vehicles in Toyota’s lineup and it’s very common to find people looking for a Toyota RAV4 with third row seating.

Generally, third-row vehicles offer better seating and more legroom for larger families or anyone who’d love to seat 7 to 9 passengers without squeezing them. The seats are equally sufficient for children, but in case you have a kid on board you can install child safety seats.

The RAV4 may arguably not be the best in its class since there are a number of tough competitors. However, the RAV4 is known to have good resale value. You can expect its value to depreciate by roughly 40% after 5 years – which is a pretty decent figure for its class.

Toyota SUVs With Third Row Seating

Third-row seating has been a popular choice among families who need more space but don’t want to sacrifice storage.

Over the years, many automobile manufacturers have brought innovations focused on improving mid-size crossovers and SUVs to make them more practical and efficient while maintaining their overall aesthetic appeal.

There are a few 3rd-row seating choices available in newer Toyotas. According to the Japanese brand, the Sequoia, Land Cruiser, Highlander, Highlander Hybrid, and 4Runner all include third-row seats.

1. Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia is often ranked among the top big SUVs in the market, thanks to its strong acceleration, capacious seating, V8 engines, 4-wheel drive, and a long list of standard driver assistance systems.

All models have 3rd-row seats, with the most recent having been completely redesigned. Compared to the RAV4, the Sequoia costs more and as expected comes with towing capabilities and the ability to seat 8 passengers comfortably.

Many customers with an undying love for the Toyota brand prefer the Sequoia over competitors like the Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition.

2. 4Runner

The Toyota 4Rujner is one of the oldest SUVs in the Japanese manufacturer’s lineup – it has a spacious cabin and is great for off-road adventures. Ever since its debut in 1984, it has never felt short of its name.

In its basic configuration, the 4Runner seats five people in two rows, but an available third row increases seating capacity to seven.

The 4Runner has a starting price of $37,605, which is way higher compared to other SUVs in its class (many competitors start in the mid $30,000s or even the high $20,000s).

3. Highlander

Highlander is an excellent crossover. It’s one of the most recommended three row midsize SUVs, with exceptional practicality, good resale values, and impeccable reliability history.

It has comfortable seats for adults in the first two rows, a lot of standard safety technology, and beautiful cabin materials.

The Highlander also offers a pleasant driving experience, thanks to its powerful, fuel-efficient V6 engine, balanced handling, and comfortable ride.

There are six trim levels available for the Toyota Highlander: L, LE, XLE, XSE, Limited, and Platinum. All offer a pleasant driving experience, fuel-efficient V6 engine, balanced handling, and comfortable ride.

The L has a starting price of $35,405 while the Platinum trim has a starting price of $47,760. Both prices are higher than the average for the class.

Closing the curtain

The Toyota RAV4 has always been the people’s favorite. From college students to a growing family, everyone seems to love it for various reasons. And with the coming of 3rd row seat for RAV4, so did the love increase.

Many customers are willing to spend more than the MSRP for the option but now that the Toyota RAV4 3rd row seats have been scrapped out from new production, it may be a more difficult choice for buyers who appreciate the extra seating option.


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