Jeeps have been getting modifications since like forever, so if you’re thinking of joining the trend by getting some bigger tires you may be wondering if it’s going to void your warranty.

Will bigger tires void my Jeep warranty? If this sounds like the question you’re asking, then here’s a quick answer. And in the latter part of this article, we’ll throw more light on the topic.

Having bigger tires on your Jeep doesn’t nullify your warranty unless the bigger tires are proven to be the cause of the vehicle failure. For example, a broken axle shaft or the wheel bearing going bad could be caused by the bigger tires. However, if your A/C fails, they cannot blame it on the tires.

People love and buy Jeeps for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the fantastic off-road driving experience and the ability to get a personalized aftermarket modification that a jeep provides.

Others may be drawn because they will be joining a group of Jeep fans who have participated in a tradition known as the Jeep Wave for decades. And for the most part of these years, the effect of mods on your Jeep warranty has long been debated.

Will a lift void my warranty

A lift will most likely void your lifetime warranty on the parts you replace as well as any parts affected by the lift and tires.

Jeeps are built to be rugged and with good modifications, they can maneuver the worst terrains. However, if you get mods commonly used for racing or off-roading, you’re most likely to void your Jeep warranty as such activities are considered abuse of the vehicle.

While this kills the fun, it will void your Jeep warranty. Dealers can easily tell you’ve been using your jeep for racing and other off-roading adventures.

There are some risks with lift and bigger tires. Examples of parts that can be affected are; ball joints, driveshafts, steering components, axles, and other similar components.

If you have such modifications, going to a “mod-friendly” Jeep service department for repairs is a good idea. A location that isn’t “trigger happy” when it comes to voiding warranties.

Will bigger tires void my Jeep warranty

Larger tires have an impact on your complete driveline, including differentials, drive shafts, transmission, transfer case, and engine, changing the strain on those components dramatically.

If you had installed bigger tires and your wheel bearing happen to go out, you shouldn’t consider getting it replaced under warranty because the bigger tires are obviously the cause.

If your wheel bearing fails while you’re driving, the wheel may stop spinning or even fall off. A damaged wheel bearing can/will cause severe damage to your car, at least, before a wheel falls off, thus it’s critical to keep an eye on them and keep them maintained.

Will changing tire size void warranty?

Most individuals are unaware of the impact of a lift and bigger tires.

When it comes to modifications, it’s like a gamble. If you’re not ready to bear the risk, then you’d be happier leaving it stock. Some people have had to deal with bad dealerships, which is a pain.

There are a lot of dealers who may not be flexible when dealing with you. While some are mod-friendly while others are not. If you want to get the most out of your warranty, it’s best to have the dealer who will be doing warranty service do all of the modifications.

What will void Jeep warranty?

Generally, the parts of your Jeep you don’t modify are always covered under the Jeep warranty unless an aftermarket part causes them to fail.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits manufacturers from voiding warranties unless they can prove that the work was not done or was not done in a workmanlike manner.

However, there are aftermarket manufacturers like Mopar & Metalcloak who provide a warranty on the aftermarket parts.

If you don’t want any warranty concerns, leave it stock or have the dealer service department install all your changes such as lifts, rock bars, and so on. Then everything will be covered, but it will be more expensive than doing it yourself or having a second part shop do it.

Does changing wheel size affect warranty?

They cannot legally void the warranty and cannot deny claims on anything that could not have been caused by additional stress from big tires. For example, a broken axle shaft could be caused by the bigger tires. Also, wheel bearing going bad could be blamed on bigger tires.

What they will try to deny may be a separate thing, and they may be legally incorrect, but it will most likely be a difficult battle (and if a fairly minor repair, the costs to fight may exceed the cost of repair).

Will 37 tires void my Jeep warranty?

You can’t just put a 3.5″ raise on a jeep and 35+ tires on it without affecting something else.
By changing everything that can be affected, you will almost certainly not require warranty service for anything connected.

Don’t put on a lift and 35+ tires, then try to invoke the Magnusson Moss Act when your rear differential blows. If your radio stops working, that’s a different situation; if a dealer claims the warranty on a non-related part has been voided, you can sue them.

Jeep tire warranty – closing the curtain

Not many people know the difference between a Jeep and an SUV, and so they often wonder why SUV tires are so expensive.

As mentioned earlier, having bigger tires on your Jeep doesn’t nullify your warranty unless the bigger tires are proven to be the cause of the vehicle failure. Today, many tire manufacturers provide their customers with a variety of warranties.

According to the Magnuson-Moss Act, your Jeep warranty can’t be voided if the tire modification doesn’t directly affect or cause the damaged part in question to fail.

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